Suburbs in the City of Tomar near Estrada de Leiria

The City of Tomar in Portugal, isn’t only about the Convent of Christ which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, or the Castle of Tomar, or the beautiful Nabão River or the charming gardens of Mouchão Park or its medieval streets. It’s also about nice places to live in, which I call the Suburbs of Tomar. If you drive or walk around the town, you can also see nice houses and buildings where people nowadays live, and one of those places is this area near Estrada de Leiria. These three photos were shot from the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Tomar.

Drnhora da Conceição view of Tomar

Suburb of Tomar in Portugal, near Estrada de Leiria and shot from around the Chapel of Nossas Senhora da Conceição


Suburb of Tomar seen from Senhora da Conceição

Same suburb in the City of Tomar near Estrada de Leiria with its more modern houses that contrast with the old ones found in the medieval streets of the town


Tomar suburb in Portugal with a garden and children's playground

Suburb of Tomar near Estrada de Leiria with houses near a nice garden with palm trees and a children's playground

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