Soccer field and athletics track in the City of Tomar

There was a time this soccer field and athletics track in Tomar, located at Mouchão Park, was a small stadium, mainly dedicated to soccer. There was a wall around it and seats for the public who attended soccer games, usually  between the local soccer team União de Tomar and other Portuguese teams. There was even a time when the soccer team of Tomar played in the Premier League of Portugal, against teams like Benfica, Porto, Sporting Lisbon, etc. There was also a time where the most famous Portuguese soccer player of all time, Eusébio, played here when this was a stadium, and in the twilight of his career he even played for União de Tomar. Now the local club is in the lower divisions and the stadium was transformed into a soccer field and athletics track, mainly for the benefit of the youth of Tomar.

Soccer field and athletics track in the City of Tomar in Portugal

There used to be a wall around this soccer field when it was a stadium. The Town council of Tomar decided to eliminate the wall and the seats and include a track for athletics


Track and field in  Tomar, Portugal

The former stadium of Tomar, which used to be employed only for soccer games, is now a track and field. Here used to play the local soccer team, União de Tomar, which was once in the Portuguese Premier League


Youth soccer game in the city of Tomar in Portugal

Soccer game being played by two youth soccer teams at this track and field, in the City of Tomar. At one time when this place was a stadium, the best Portuguese player of all time, Eusébio, played here

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