Shops in the streets of Tomar in Portugal

In my opinion, the absence of big shopping centres in the centre of the City of Tomar is of great benefit for tourists who want to visit the old part of Tomar, as well as for the local shopkeepers. We have all been to shopping centres and it’s remarkable how they all look more or less the same everywhere in the world. So the attraction in the narrow streets of the old Tomar, are the modest picturesque shops that trade on all kinds of things and in these establishments you can probably buy more interesting items that in shopping centres.

Shop of souvenirs and mementos in Tomar, Portugal

Small picturesque shops at a narrow street called Rua Infantaria Quinze in Tomar. I personally bought a few traditional souvenirs and historical mementos from this shop


A newsagent, a boutique and a decoration shop in the City of Tomar in Portugal

These shops are located at Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar, which is also known as Corredoura. One them sells newspapers, magazines and tobacco, another is a fashion boutique and another is a shop dedicated to house decoration


Shops at Rua Everard in Tomar, Portugal

These shops are at Rua Everard in Tomar, also known as Levada. This location is close to the Old Bridge of Tomar, Nabão River and Mouchão Park

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