Rural area in Tomar near Pegões Aqueduct in Portugal

When I visited the Aqueduct of Pegões (Aqueduto dos Pegões) in the outskirts of Tomar, which was completed in 17th century to carry water to the Convent of Christ, I took the opportunity to walk around the area and shot a few pictures of the rural surroundings. These photos were taken close to the aqueduct and in the distance you can see a plantation of olive trees and a few countryside houses. Other than the olive trees, the area is also covered with pine trees.

Rural area near Pegões Aqueduct in the City of Tomar in Portugal

When I shot this picture of the this rural area near Tomar, I was very close to Pegões Aqueduct, which a few centuries ago served as a conduit to carry water to the Convent of Christ


Olive trees in the distance at Pegões Rural area in the City of Tomar

In the distance of this rural area near the City of Tomar, there is a plantation of olive trees, to produce olive oil. Right now Portugal is the 8th position in the world market of olive oil


Pine trees around Pegões rural area in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Besides olive trees, there are lots of pine trees in this rural area near Pegões Aqueduct

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  1. Gayle Schneider says:

    My husband & I recently returned from Portugal & took a train ride out to Tomar one day. Unfortunately, the train was moving way too fast to get a decent picture to represent the countryside we passed along the way. I found your images on the internet & was wondering if you were OK if I used the 1st or 2nd on e above in my fb album to share with family (I’ll credit you with the photo) to show them what the countryside was like – we only got pictures in town & in Lisbon.

    Gayle Schneider
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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