Rua Amorim Rosa in a modern area of Tomar

This is Rua Amorim Rosa and this street is located in a modern area of Tomar. Not that these buildings were built recently, but in comparison with a town with more than 800 years old, this can be considered a very modern street. It takes the name of Amorim Rosa, a gentleman who was a prestigious person in Tomar. He made a living as an English teacher at a private College in Tomar, called Nun’Alvares but he was mostly a writer. He wrote several books about the City of Tomar, among them The History of Tomar in two volumes.

Rua Amorim Rosa in Tomar, Portugal

Rua Amorim Rosa is a street in the City of Tomar located in one of its modern areas. This street takes the name Mr. Amorim Rosa who was a teacher and writer at a College called Nun'Àlvares Pereira


Amorim Rosa Street in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Rua Amorim Rosa in Tomar, isn't too far sway from where I used to live, which was at Rua Marquês de Pombal. This is an area of all kinds of shops and commercial enterprises


Buildings at Rua Amorim Rosa in Tomar, Portugal

At Rua Amorim Rosa in the City of Tomar you can find coffee shops, hairdressers, furniture shops, electrical and office equipment companies, shoe stores and a lot more. It's a very vibrant street

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