Restaurante Nabão in Tomar, near a river called Nabão

I decided to write in Portuguese, the name of this restaurant on the header of this post. For some reason it sounded better to me, perhaps because I used to hear my parents mention Nabão Restaurant a lot, when my father was still alive. You know, they were regular customers. Every Sunday they would go and have lunch together there. This habit only came to an end when my father passed away in November of 1997. As you can see in one of the photos, Nabão Restaurant is right in front of Nabão River and with that comes wonderful views while you are dining. From this restaurant you can also see the Castle of the Knights Templar in Tomar, Mouchão Park and the old areas of the town.

Nabão Restaurant in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Nabão Restaurant faces Nabão River, which means that their customers always enjoy nice views. The restaurant is positioned in the corner of that white building behind those two trees seen on this photo


Restaurante Nabão, Cidade de Tomar, Portugal

On the left side of this photo is the building that lodges Nabão Restaurant in the City of Tomar. Behind the windows you can see a couple of tables covered with red table clothes


Nabão Restaurant in Tomar, Portugal

When I shot this photo I didn't exactly aim it to Nabão Restaurant, but to the general view in front of me. So I just caught the main entrance to this restaurant in Tomar

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    I’ll be eating there next month! What do you recommend to eat?

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