Recalling good moments at Lameiras Farm in the rural area of Tomar

Last May I published three photos of Lameiras Farm (Quinta das Lameiras) near the City of Tomar, which were taken in 2010. Since in the past I have enjoyed pleasant moments in this rural area, which in turn yield great memories, I include another set of pictures of this place. It was here that my wife was born, grew up and helped her parents in the farm work. This farm has beautiful surroundings and even though it no longer grows much produce, it’s still a place very much treasured by my wife’s family.

Quinta das Lameiras in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This road at Lameiras Farm near the City of Tomar, is surrounded by pine trees, and many years ago, usually on weekends, I used to walk here by myself when I needed a quiet moment


Agricultural field at Quinta das Lameiras in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This house across the field belongs to one of my wife's aunt, who has lived in this farm for most of her life


Road at Quinta das Lameiras near the City of Tomar

Road at Lameiras Farm in Tomar, leading to the main road, that links other villages to the town of Ferreira do Zêzere.

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