Pigeons, ducks and shoals of fish at Nabão River in Tomar

There is an area in the City of Tomar in Portugal, near the restaurants Bela Vista and Nabão, both overlooking Nabão River and Mouchão Park, where you can find a good number of pigeons, ducks swimming around, and a huge number of fish. The reason for the gathering of these creatures at this place, are the restaurants nearby and of course the people who lunch and dine there and then feed the animals. In the first photo below, the restaurants are just behind me, and if you look down to the river you’ll be able to see the ducks and shoals of fish which are often there hoping for scraps of food to fall on them.

Animals at Nabão River in Tomar, Portugal

This is a place at Nabão River in Tomar, where pigeons, ducks and fish gather in the hope of filling their bellies with some delicious fare. Behind me is Nabão and Bela Vista Restaurants whose customers feed the animals


Ducks and a shoal of fish in Tomar, Portugal

Ducks and a shoal fo fish at Nabão River in the city of Tomar, Portugal, patiently waiting for scraps of food to fall on them


Ducks and fish at Nabão River, hoping for free food

Ducks and fish swimming around waiting for a free handout from the customers of the restaurants near Nabão River in Tomar

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