On a platform at Nabão River from Mouchão Park in Tomar

Another set of photos of Nabão River in Tomar. This time I was on a platform located at Mouchão Park near a Children’s playground and the soccer field, where you can rent a yellow boat to sail around the river. My family and I were actually interested in renting one, but it was already the beginning of autumn and there was no one there to rent us one of those fiberglass pedal boats. In any case the views from this area are beautiful. On the other side of the river you can spot the Old Bridge of Tomar (Ponte Velha), also known as Bridge of King Manuel I (Ponte de D. Manuel)

Nabão River in Tomar, Portugal, Europe

When I shot this photo of Nabão River I was on a platform at Mouchão Park in Tomar. Here the Town council of Tomar rents fiberglass pedal boats to sail around the river


Nabão River and the Old Bridge in the City of Tomar in Portugal

From this platform at Nabão River you can see the Old Bridge of Tomar on the other side. This bridge is also called Ponte D. Manuel


Nabão River and the Bridge King D. Manuel I in Tomar in Portugal

Photo of Nabão River taken from an area of Mouchão Park close to a kids playground and the soccer field

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