Old buildings across Nabão River in the City of Tomar

I shot these photos of Nabão River (Rio Nabão) and the old buildings nearby, from two different places. One of them from an area that not many people visit, despite the fact that it’s quite close to the centre of Tomar. The other place was the New Bridge of Tomar which connects Avenida Norton de Matos to a roundabout called Praceta Alves Redol. In this set of photos you can also see the bridge King Dom Manuel I (Ponte Velha).

Old buildings at Nabão River in the City of Tomar

The buildings on the other side of Nabão River (Rio Nabão) used belong to a company called Mended Godinho


Old buildings at Rio Nabão in the City of Tomar

I was at the New Bridge near Avenida Norton de Matos in Tomar when I shot this picture. Apparently the tall chimney on the other side of the river was once connected to a steam machine


Rio Nabão and the bridge Dom Manuel I, in the City of Tomar

In the distance of Nabão River is the Old Bridge of Tomar, also called King Dom Manuel I

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