Not much people at Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar

One of the problems with Corredoura (Rua Serpa Pinto) right now is that the main historical street in Tomar, is going through bad times. Not just this street of course but also the country, Europe and other parts of the world,  due to the world financial crisis. It’s sad to see that a once thriving commercial street is now marked by shops closing down, which as a result attracts fewer people, as seen in the photos below. However I am an optimist and I believe that this is the perfect opportunity for people with initiative to revitalize Corredoura. Any ideas?

Corredoura in the City of Tomar without much people

This is Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar (Corredoura) without much people walking around, but the potential is there. This is an historical street and can be revitalized


Corredoura in Tomar, almost devoid of people

Another shot of Corredoura in the City of Tomar, almost devoid of people. Time for the locals to find a good solution to attract more visitors to this once thriving street


Rua Serpa Pinto in the City of Tomar with almost no people

Thought there is only one person walking down Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar, there's great potential there. In any case, many tourists still enjoy this historical area of the town

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