Nabão River from the Old Bridge of Tomar

When a visitor enters the City of Tomar he or she will encounter a quiet river surrounded by beautiful parks, as you can see in these photos below. This is Nabão River or Rio Nabão as the Portuguese call it. The Romans named this river in Tomar as Nabanus, but there was a time in the middle ages that the river took the name of the town in archaic Portuguese. So Nabão River or Nabanus River was also known as Thomar River.

Yellow boats at Nabão River, near Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This photo of Nabão River was shot from the Old Bridge of Tomar in Portugal. Those yellow boats in the distance are used by tourists to navigate around some areas of the river


Nabão River in the City Tomar used to be called Nabanus River

Nabão River in a different day. The island of Mouchão Park and the inn called Estalagem de Santa Iria, can be seen from the spot where I was at the Old Bridge of Tomar


Willow trees at Nabão River in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Photo still taken from the Old Bridge but in a different direction of Mouchão Park. On the other side of Nabãoo River is a kids playground a sports pavilion and a soccer field

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