Lameiras farm, my preferred rural area of Tomar

These photos were shot at the end of the day at Lameiras farm (2010), which is about 20 kilometres away from the City of Tomar in Portugal. This is the place my wife was born as her parents were small farmers, and when we got married I used to visit this farm almost every weekend. I have to say that I have fantastic memories from this place. This is a farm that is no longer active but my mother in law still lives there. In its peak it used to produce all sorts of vegetables, fruit, wine, honey, bread, cheese and sausages. In the sausages area I remember how good the chouriços, farinheiras and morcelas tasted and the wine was just outstanding. My father in law, José Maria Moura, was a magician when it came to making wine.

lameiras farm in the City of Tomar, Portugal

View seen from the house of my parents in law at Lameiras farm, in Tomar, Portugal. At some distance you can see a row of pine trees.


Lameiras farm and tree in a rural area in Tomar

Mandarin tree and pine trees behind. You can also see agricultural fields that aren't being used to its full potential, due to my father in law's death and my mother in law illness


Lameiras farm in Tomar and its produce fields

Another perspective of Lameiras farm and fields that were mostly abandoned. Only my sister in law Matilde and her husband Acácio work the land, but just a tiny bit of it

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