Kiosks and street vendor’s stands in Tomar

The kiosks and street vendor’s stands can be found in most villages, towns and cities of the world, and Tomar is no exception. It’s almost an universal institution that gives some character to urban areas despite their often makeshift appearance. These kiosks in Tomar usually sell newspapers, magazines, tobacco, bric-a-brac stuff, relatively low priced jewelry, etc. Besides the kiosks you can also see a street vendor selling roasted chestnuts and popcorn.

Kiosk and old street lamps at Varzea Pequena in the City of Tomar

This photo was shot at night and it's a kiosk called Quiosque Jardim, that sells newspapers, magazines, tobacco and other stuff, next to old street lamps in Tomar, at the garden of Varzea Pequena


Kiosk at Avenida Norton de Matos in the City of Tomar in Portugal

In my walks around town, I shot another kiosk at night that sells newspapers, magazines and ice cream, placed at Avenida Norton de Matos near the New Bridge (Ponte Nova) in Tomar.


Street vendor's stand in Tomar, Portugal

This is a small stand that sells popcorn and roasted chestnuts on street, in this case at the end of Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar, near the Old Bridge and Avenida Marquês de Tomar

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