Climbing plants and flowers near the gate of the Seven Hills Forest

When you enter the gate of Seven Hills Forest (Mata dos Sete Montes) in Tomar, Portugal, to your right there are two a benches near a wall covered with beautiful climbing plants and flowers. It’s a beautiful green corner and my wife and son sat there for a while, talking and relaxing. On the other side of the wall, seen on these photos is the road that leads to the Castle of the Knights Templar in Tomar and the Convent of Christ.

Mother and son sitting at a bench at Seven Hills Forest in Tomar

When you enter the Seven Hills Forest you can immediately see a big garden and to your right there are these benches and beautiful climbing plants and flowers on the wall


Matas Nacional dos Sete Montes, Tomar, Portugal

On the other side of this wall covered with climbing plants and flowers, is the road leading to the Castle of Tomar, the Christ Convent and the Chapel of Senhora da Conceição


Beautiful plants and flowers at Seven Hills Forest in the City of Tomar

Same spot from a certain distance at the Seven Hills National Forest (Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes) in Tomar

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