Chemtrail skies from Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar

Taking photos of skies is exciting and sometimes even awe-inspiring, considering the wide variety of colours and textures you can get from the skies of our world. In my case, photographing the skies of the City of Tomar in Portugal was quite interesting, given that in Perth, Australia where I live, you get too many flat blue skies particularly during summer. So I kept shooting and in this specific day at Mouchão Park, and in other days too, I got skies with chemtrails. I don’t know why, but in Perth, I don’t remember to have seen skies with chemstrails while in Tomar, this occurred quite often.

Chemtrails at the City of Tomar, Portugal

I shot this photo with chemtrails in the sky, from a wooden bridge at Mouchão Park, facing the street Rua Marquês de Tomar, in the City of Tomar in Portugal


Chemtrails at Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This is a wooden bridge in Tomar, which crosses Nabão River from the Island of Mouchão Park to the other side where the soccer field is located


Chemtrails from a wooden bridge in the City of Tomar, Portugal

Photo shot in that wooden bridge at Mouchão Park. Notice the chemstrails in the sky sprayed by aircraft at high altitude. The purpose of these chemtrails are unknown

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