Building of Fernanda Galo Laboratories in Tomar, Portugal

I have no connection whatsoever with these Fernanda Galo laboratories in Tomar, Portugal, but in my visit to my home town in 2010, one morning I went to the shopping centre where Modelo Supermarket is located (Supermercado Modelo) at the street Rua Coronel Garcês Teixeira, when I saw this modern building. As I was carrying my camera and shooting photos of the City of Tomar, was one of my goals while in Portugal, I took a few pictures of this edifice in the suburbs of Tomar. I later investigated a little bit about Fernanda Galo Laboratórios and learned that it was founded in 1958 by Dr. Fernanda Galo who from the beginning decided to use the most advanced technologies and scientific knowledge of the time and nowadays follows the exact same policy.

Building of Fernanda Galo Laboratories in the City of Tomar, Portugal

The facade of the building where Fernanda Galo Laboratories is located at the street Rua Manuel Matos in the City of Tomar in Portugal


Fernanda Galo Laboratórios, Tomar, Portugal

Modern building of Fernanda Galo Laboratories in the city of Tomar in Portugal near the street Rua Coronel Garcês Teixeira and not far from Modelo Supermarket


Fernanda Galo Laboratories located in Tomar, Portugal

Fernanda Galo Laboratórios is said to use technologies and scientific knowledge at the cutting edge of clinic diagnostics, quality control of the environment and food safety

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