Beach volleyball in the beachless City of Tomar in Portugal

There’s no beach in Tomar as this city is located in the centre of Portugal. In fact the nearest beach by car is about 80 Km away in a town called Nazaré. Yet you can play beach volleyball in Tomar as you can see on this set of photos. The popularity of sand volleyball originated in Hawaii and California, has grown so much worldwide that Tomar couldn’t help but also get into the action.

Volleyball beach court at Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar

Though there is no beach in Tomar, there is a beach volleyball court in town, located at Mouchão Park


Volleyball beach court in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This sand volleyball court in Tomar, close to the soccer field, offers the opportunity for enthusiasts of this worldwide popular game to be played in a beachless place


Sand volleyball court in Tomar, Portugal

Another view of the beach volleybal court of Tomar, which is right next a basketball court at Mouchão Park. Notice the Japanese type of garden used to decorate this area

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